Hello, I’m Dillon. I own BluSuit, a business founded on the principle of financial education. I once heard that if you must start a business, fall in love with a problem rather than a solution.

There are macro economic and fiscal policies that position the average saver in a losing position. Saving in this case is the traditional model of, ‘’make money, put it into a savings account and forget it’. But what most people don’t know is that saving money this way, you are guaranteed to lose money due to inflation and low interest rates leading to negative yield. In order to protect your wealth and compound successfully, intelligent investing has become a secular necessity to position yourself for health, wealth, happiness, financial freedom, and a successful retirement. This success begins with knowledge and information.

Investing can be difficult and risky. The root to all investing success comes from first investing in ones knowledge to make better informed decisions. These better decisions lead to better portfolio performance. Better portfolio performance leads to your financial goals being met and one day, freedom.

I have successfully managed and grown my portfolio through a disciplined process of picking the best businesses and buying at the right time/price. As of September 2021, my YoY portfolio returns are 69% with my current YTD returns at 25%. In comparison, the S&P is currently up 20.75% YTD and 31.27% YoY and the NASDAQ is at 19.21% YTD and 34% YoY. This news letter is my published research that is the foundation to my personal decision making and portfolio performance. It often takes me hours or days to find/gather this information which conveniently makes its way to your inbox for a 15-20 minute read.

I’m confident that the information found here has the ability to enhance or supplement your investing journey as well.